Dash'n Clash

Wishing to enlighten the world about different cultures, three students from Arabic and Korean backgrounds created Dash’n Clash, which is a fashion brand that brings two different cultures together. “It’s when two worlds clash with each other, a new one is created.” Dash’n Clash is fashion brand that brings two different cultures together, making them closer than ever. This brand offers information and stories about valuable cultures that might have been forgotten or taken for granted by other cultures. In order to show people that no matter what their cultural differences are, they can get along. And to prove that coexistence, tolerance and friendship is possible between cultures. Their designs are made for women who want to make a statement; for the brave, unique and strong ones out there.

What started as a wish to let people know about their cultures grew into an intercultural fashion brand that offers unity and continuity. Upon that the first collection came to life, it was inspired by lavish Arabic style and minimal Korean style combined together. As for the following collections, it could be African and Japanese. And the one after might be Indian and Swiss mixture.

Therefore, Imagine the possibilities.

Check out our first collection on TRINITY magazine issue 7:

Dash'n Clash

Mais Quqa

Durrah Al Omar

Jihee Hwang


Hochschule RheinMain

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